Dr. Musa bin Muhammed bin Yahya Al-Qarni


Died in detention

Date of Birth
City Of Birth
Doctorate in specialising in the origins of Jurisprudence from the Islamic university

About The Detainee

An academic. He completed his university studies in the university of Muhammed bin Saud. After that he worked in the Islamic university of Madinah. he then completed his masters and doctorate in the university of Um- Al-Qura. He worked at the Islamic university as the deputy headmaster then he became the Dean of Student affairs and proceeded after that as the head of the department of Jurisprudence at the university. He also supervised and discussed many academic research for his masters and doctorate. He worked after his retirment as a solicitor and attached huge importance to the domain of human rights. He had many efforts in spreading human rights awareness. One of his most notable activities was his weekly consultations which would take place at his home every Saturdays. In 2007 he held a meeting along with other human rights activist in Saudi and they agreed to establish a human rights association and submit it to a goverment agency for adoption as an official association.

Arrest And Human Rights Violations

Date Of Arrest:
City Of Internment:
He was arrested together with a group of human rights activists who were planning to set up a human rights association in Saudi Arabia.
He was raided on a break in Madinah where he was at his third meeting with a group of human rights activists to set up a human rights association.
Practices And Violations
- He was placed in solitary confinement - He was severly tortured to the extent he had to be admitted to hospital - Obtaining a false confession as he feared the threat of torture - Extreme silence around his health condition
The Human Dimension In His Detention
- He lost his father and mother while he was in prison. -He lost his father and wa not allowed to see him or take part in his burial. -he was only allowed to see his mother for three days when she was ill and he showed up in a distressed state.
Dhaban prison situated in Jeddah
Trial and legal proceedings
He has been charged with a number of offences from the most serious of these ofences is the formation of a secret institution with its aims to gain access to power. Also efforts to try and overthrow the government. He was also accuse of planning to set up a secret organisation. He was also accused of money laundering and supporting terrorist organisations. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and a ban from travelling for a further 20 years. This case is known as the Jeddah correctional facility case.

Time Line For Arrest


The date he got arrested


After the first trial another 35 trials took place


The special criminal court senteced him to 20 years and prevented him from travelling a further 20 years after his release


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