Sanad human rights organization defends political and civil rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and monitors human rights violations and exposes them to public opinion and to human rights and international organizations.

 In Sanad, we seek to alleviate the suffering of detainees, closely examine the human rights situation on the ground, closely monitor it through what detainees live in prisons, and see the numbers and statistics of human rights institutions and organizations and follow them up, and record them in the required press and humanitarian framework.

our values

Human rights
We respect human privacy, and defend all components of society without discrimination or discrimination.


In Sanad, we call for solving human rights problems by peaceful and lofty methods, and we reject violence in all its forms.


We will invest in people and their development and contribute to the development of human rights institutions interested in local affairs.


We believe that society and civil forces in Saudi Arabia are able to overcome the current conditions and face their challenges, and work to confront the culture of violence caused by the regime’s policies, and raise the spirit of determination and build.


The organization starts from the present, benefits from the past, and is more concerned with the future that future generations aspire to.


We issue our reports according to a clear methodology that helps achieve our mission and goals, starting with scientific planning, passing with implementation and control, ending with evaluation and development, to reach the leadership and winning in the race of fair professional competition.


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