the Saudi security forces have arrested Sheikh Abdullah bin Ayedh bin Deghaither Al-Shaibani Al-Otaibi

It was recently confirmed to Sanad that the Saudi security forces have arrested Sheikh Abdullah bin Ayedh bin Deghaither Al-Shaibani Al-Otaibi, the owner of the famous Latamat camel farm. Sanad learned from its private sources that the reason for the arrest of Sheikh Ibn Deghaither was a dispute between him and the head of the Camel Club, Fahd bin Hithlin, who is close to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, after the announcement of the participation of Latamat camel farms in Qatar Camel Festival.
Ibn Deghaither had previously announced his retirement from the camel auctions and festivals in Saudi Arabia after his loss in the Sixth King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, when many concerns were raised about the transparency and the possible tampering with the results of the competition by the Camel Club, headed by Fahd bin Hithlin, which resulted in Ibn Dagheither losing the competition.
Shortly after the end of the camel festival in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdullah bin Deghaither announced his participation in the Qatar Camel Festival. It has been confirmed to Sanad that the arrest of Ibn Dagheither came after this announcement. Few days later, a statement came out on his Twitter account announcing his apology for participating in the Qatar Camel Festival due to “lack of readiness”.
It is worth mentioning that Latamat Otaiba is one of the most famous camel farms in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. It has a very large supporter base in Saudi Arabia and abroad who loves this kind of popular heritage and exciting sports competition. Hundreds of thousands of spectators and supporters gathered during the recent King Abdulaziz Camel Festival competition, a large gathering that attracted the attention of several international news platforms.
The arbitrary arrest of Ibn Dagheither, as many other similar cases, comes as part of a systematic framework of politicising sports competitions, and as means of silencing critics and putting pressure on prominent figures and fans of famous sports in Saudi Arabia to compromise their rights according to the directions of the Saudi autocratic regime.

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