Mother demands justice for the brutal torture that killed the young Abdullah Ali

A Saudi mother demanded the responsible authorities to punish the criminals who killed her son in prison, in a video clip that spread on social media platforms


According to the mother, her young son was brutally tortured until he was killed by the Criminal Investigation Agency. There was no formation of an investigation committee or retribution for those mainly accused.


The mother said in a video clip that the killer is known and is a member of the criminal investigation, and that he is free and has not been prosecuted or punished.


She accused the Criminal Investigation of deliberately and horribly torturing her son, just as the agency deliberately attempted to intimidate the only witness to the crime.


In related news, activists and bloggers on Twitter participated in an electronic campaign under the hashtag (Abdullah_Killed_at_Al-Shifa), in solidarity with the mother who lost her son about a year ago.

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