More than 5 years after his killing, the case of “Makki El-Arayedh” is a testimony to brutal torture

It seems that the authority has not stopped its hostile behaviour against citizens, activists and those expressing their opinions. More than 5 years have passed since the young man, “Makki Ali Al-Arayed”, lost his life as a result of brutal torture in prison, but the brutal behaviour continues inside prisons.

On Friday 4th March 2016, the family of the young Makki reported to the Awamiya police station to enquire about their son two days after his disappearance, only to be stunned with the news of his death.

The healthy 25-year-old  was a handball player at a local club. While he was out driving  n 2nd March 2016 to look for work, he was intercepted at the Safwa checkpoint in Al-Awamiya located between the cities of Al-Awamiya and Safwa in the Qatif Governorate, to be detained. It was due to an accusation that he was photographing the checkpoint. The police claimed at the time that Makki died suddenly due to his feeling of fear, even though traces of torture were evident on his body.

Prison wardens and statesmen have been implicated in crimes of torture against detainees since that time. Yet despite all the ongoing international condemnations and human rights reports that prove these atrocities, the authority is sticking to its hostile approach that violates human rights and undermines the provisions of international laws and treaties.

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