SANAD is calling for the release of activist Lina Al-Sharif

‎‏Today, Saudi doctor and human rights activist Lina Al-Sharif has been detained for 750 days since her arrest on May 26, 2021. Alisha rig was arrested because of tweets defending human rights in Saudi Arabia.

‎‏Since her arrest, Al-Sharif has been subjected to enforced disappearance, as she has not been allowed to communicate with her family until today, and she has not been allowed to speak to a lawyer, amidst obfuscation by the authorities about her detention conditions, and her physical and mental health, in clear violation of all human rights laws.

‎‏Sanad expresses its deep concern about her enforced disappearance and affirms that this is a violation of Saudi Arabia’s obligations under international laws and human rights conventions, and we call on the international and human rights organizations to intervene to release Lina Al-Sharif and all prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia.

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