The children born in the darkness of prison


There are increasing calls for a mother and her child, who was born in a Saudi Arabian jail, to be released by state prison authorities under human rights laws. 

The example of Kayan al-Juhani, who is now 4 years old, is one of several of how the Saudi authorities have approved the detention of political prisoners and their children. The actions undertaken by the Saudi state is devoid of any international laws and treaties and has been condemned by human rights organisations and observers.

Kayan’s mother was arbitrarily arrested when she was in her fifth month of pregnancy. It is alleged Ms Al-Juhani was forced to give birth in the prison hospital and remains in Saudi penitentiary along with her 4-year-old daughter.

The case of Kayan al-Juhani is not an isolated incident in the shameful history of Saudi Arabian human rights. There are dozens of similar known cases in the Kingdom’s prisons. However, experts and observers believe there are many more examples that are not known about due to the potential retaliation the families may receive (from the state) if they speak out against the government.

Human rights organisation, SANAD believe state arbitrary arrests and reprisals are unjustified and call on the Saudi government to resolve the issue of the detained 4-year-old Kayan and others like her who are born and living their lives in the darkness of prison.

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