Fourth Anniversary of Amani Al-Zain’s Arrest

Fourth Anniversary of Amani Al-Zain's Arrest

May 2024 marks the fourth anniversary of the arrest of Amani Al-Zain, who was detained in Jeddah in May 2020 after a video of her referring to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as “Abu Manshar” went viral. Since her arrest, Al-Zain has been subjected to enforced disappearance, with no information on her whereabouts or health condition.

Amani Al-Zain’s disappearance is a prominent example of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, where the authorities brutally suppress dissenting voices and stifle freedom of expression. This enforced disappearance highlights the repressive nature of the Saudi regime and the significant challenges faced by activists and citizens attempting to express their opinions freely.

SANAD organisation considers Al-Zain’s detention a flagrant violation of human rights. The organization demands her immediate release, the disclosure of her place of detention, and assurance of her safety and a fair trial. SANAD organisation also calls on the international community to pressure Saudi Arabia to halt its human rights abuses.

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