“Fatima Al Nassif” suffers the bitterness of living in prison

The detainee, Fatima Al Nassif, suffers the bitterness of living inside government prisons, far from her family and loved ones, in light of the harsh conditions facing detainees in prisons.


For nearly 4 years, Al-Nassif’s suffering continues inside the prison, where she suffers from violations committed against her. Sources confirmed that she was repeatedly subjected to physical and psychological torture, ill-treatment and verbal harassment at the Qatif Investigations headquarters in the town of Anak.


Fatima – the sister of the detainees Majid and Mustafa – is the third woman arrested from Qatif after Israa Al-Ghomgham and Naima Al-Matrod. She was arbitrarily arrested in 2017, while trying to travel from Dammam airport, but the real reasons behind the arrest remains a mystery.


SANAD calls on the concerned authorities to respect human rights, and to clarify the circumstances of her arbitrary detention, which she has endured for more than 4 years.

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