The families of detainees in investigative prisons face compounded suffering

The families of detainees in investigative prisons face compounded suffering

SANAD Organisation for Human Rights has obtained disturbing information from confidential sources regarding the difficulties faced by families of detainees in Saudi state security prisons during their visits to their loved ones.

The information obtained by SANAD Organisation points to harsh and degrading practices by soldiers and female soldiers in their dealings with the families of detainees, constituting a blatant violation of human rights. These practices particularly affect vulnerable groups such as the elderly and women during their visits to the detention centers.

SANAD Organisation received information from a relative of one of the detainees — whose name SANAD Organisation is withholding for their safety — indicating an excessive reduction in the number of visitors allowed, as well as the closure of glass partitions that previously facilitated close communication between the detainees and their families.

The source added that they were only able to communicate with their detained relative for a few minutes via voice call, without being allowed to see or sit with them. They mentioned that a similar situation occurred with an elderly acquaintance who was subjected to humiliating treatment during his visit to his detained son, remaining in the waiting area for hours before being allowed to speak with him via a phone call.

Dr. Saeed Al-Ghamdi, a Saudi Activist who is living in exile, revealed that among the violations experienced by families of opinion detainees is the poor treatment and humiliating search procedures their wives undergo during visits to their husbands in detention. They are treated harshly, with deliberate attempts to humiliate and insult them. Furthermore, their meetings are confined to monitored voice calls, representing a blatant violation of privacy.

SANAD Organisation emphasizes that these practices constitute a severe violation of human rights, including the right of detainees to communicate with their families and the provision of a safe and dignified environment for visits. SANAD Organisation urges the necessary actions to be taken to halt these practices and ensure that the families of detainees are guaranteed their rights to visit and communicate with their loved ones without any harassment.

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