Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic mafia

The Roll of Diplomatic Missions

In every nation in the world it is assumed that embassies, consulates and diplomatic residences are safe spaces and secure sanctuaries for every citizen not currently in their homeland. For in them are solved the problems faced by a given expatriate; it is also where provision can be found for aid, financial or otherwise for those travellers who are far from their own countries. However, it seems clear that the Saudi Government has taken the decision to transform their diplomatic missions in to gangs dens for the pursuit, kidnap and liquidation of their opponents, violating with this; all diplomatic norms and state laws, placing the stability and safety of the global community in a precarious position

The reality of Saudi Diplomacy

Furthermore it is apparent that this blatant disregard for the law is not new, for the Saudi authorities have long since become accustomed to it.  However the incident whereby the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was lured to the consulate of his country in Istanbul and then killed and dismembered, and the subsequent hiding of his remains; have exposed how the Saudi government exploits these diplomatic residences to perpetrate such astonishing and frightening crimes. It has been revealed that the Saudi authorities, through their diplomatic missions, have adopted gangster mentalities in their practices and pose a threat, not only to their own expatriate citizens but also, to the stability and security of the countries in which those individuals happen to live and work.

It has been confirmed by many politicians and observers that the crime of the assassination of Khashoggi in this manner is not unprecedented in the history of world diplomacy. Therefore there was no option for them but to strongly demand accountability. And that a recent American intelligence report had implicated Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman in relation to this crime.

Further and previous to this aforementioned crime, are the unfortunately similar violations through Saudi consulates and embassies abroad. In 2015 the Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Turki from Geneva was kidnaped. There was also the kidnapping of Aisha Al-Marzouq, by way of her country’s embassy in Djibouti in 2017.  Similarly there was an attempt for an extra-ordinary rendition, of dissidents in Canada, such Saad Al-Jabri and the like.  These attempts occurred only a few months after the murder Jamal Khashoggi.

The role of the global community

Truly this disgraceful criminal behaviour on the part of the Saudi government, through her diplomatic headquarters abroad, must have a limit placed upon it by the worldwide community through international institutions and organisations. There is a need for more stringent laws, to protect from the frenzied brutality of authoritarian and oppressive regimes around the world, and from the stripping of the most important safeguards that protect those in opposition and members of the press.   This will undoubtedly ensure that crimes such as these are made more difficult and reducing the risk from occurring again.

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