Statement: Release Asaad Nasser Al-Ghamdi, and cancel the Sentence against him

Statement: Release Asaad Nasser Al-Ghamdi, and cancel the Sentence against him

Saudi security forces arbitrarily detained Assad Nasser Al-Ghamdi (47 years) from his home in the Al-Hamdaniya neighborhood of Jeddah in November 2022 in a brutal manner, during which he and his family were subjected to a series of violations. This was followed by coercive detention and sham trials lacking the basic procedural and legal standards observed in all countries that respect the rule of law.

The arbitrary arrest, subsequent conviction, and 20-year prison sentence imposed on him solely for exercising his basic right to freedom of expression through tweets on the platform X (formerly Twitter) unequivocally illustrate the alarming state of human rights in Saudi Arabia. It also underscores, without a doubt, the ongoing and escalating repression in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against freedom of opinion and expression.

We strongly condemn the arrest of Asaad Al-Ghamdi and all the violations he faced during the periods of detention, investigation, and trial sessions. We also vehemently reject the unjust sentence handed down to him merely for exercising his natural and legitimate right to freedom of expression in a peaceful manner.

We call upon the Saudi government to expedite his immediate release and provide him with the necessary medical care without delay. 

Additionally, we urge organizations, bodies, and activists in society to condemn this violation and work to stop it immediately, demanding that the Saudi government cease its violations of its international legal obligations.

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