The 17th Anniversary of Dr. Saud Al-Hashimi’s Arrest

The 17th Anniversary of Dr. Saud Al-Hashimi's Arrest

Around these days in February 2007, the Saudi authorities arrested Dr. Saud Al-Hashimi for his involvement in a project to establish an official human rights association aimed at spreading legal awareness among citizens, and for initiating the drafting of a political reform document to be presented to the King of Saudi Arabia. He remains in arbitrary detention to this day, despite more than 17 years having passed since his arrest.

In prison, Al-Hashimi was subjected to enforced disappearance for over five months following his arrest, as well as to torture through beating and electric shocks, in addition to being deprived of sleep for long periods and denied medical care. He was also held in solitary confinement for extended durations.

After more than three years of his arrest, his trial began on charges of disobeying the king, forming an organization opposed to the state, and questioning the independence of the judiciary. The trial concluded with him being sentenced to 30 years in prison, along with a travel ban of the same duration.

SANAD Organisation for Human Rights calls on the Saudi authorities to drop his illegal sentence and to immediately release him unconditionally.

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