Abdullah Al-Kameli, 29yr, Dies due to Torture in Saudi Prison


Sanad has received sad news confirming the death of the detainee Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Kameli in a Saudi prison. Al-Kameli, 29 years old, was arrested along with many members of his family for suspicions that do not really merit to be charges.

A few days ago, Al-Kameli’s family was shocked by a call from the prison authority informing them of his death and asking them to come and collect his body.

Several clear signs of extreme torture were observed on his body, which suggests that he died as a result of brutal torture and ill-treatment inside the prison.

Sanad organisation for Human Rights holds the Saudi regime fully responsible for Al-Kameli’s death and demands the authorities to release information about the circumstances of his death and to cease all kinds of violations, abuses, and torture that detainees are regularly and systematically subjected to in Saudi prisons.


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