Dr. Khaled bin Fahd Al-Awdah, 5 years of suffering in Saudi prisons

The oppressive Saudi authorities continue to detain Dr. Khaled bin Fahd Al-Awdah, since his arrest 5 years ago, due to his sympathy for his detained brother and prominent scholar, Dr. Salman Al-Awdah.

Saudi security forces arrested Al-Awdah in 2017, on grounds of tweets he posted on his Twitter personal account, expressing sympathy for his brother, Dr. Salman Al-Awdah, for which he was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

During his imprisonment, Dr. Khaled Al-Awdah was subjected to ill-treatment & inhumane conditions. He was restrained from family visits, denied any legal representation, and subjected to deliberate medical neglect.

Saudi authorities continue to shakedown & intimidate the prisoners & their families, with unlawful arrests of detainees’ relatives, practicing heinous violations against them, & charging them with false accusations, simply for the mere sympathy they show for their loved ones.

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