PRESS RELEASE: death of Sheikh Dr. Musa Muhammad Al-Qarni

Tuesday 19/10/2021

SANAD human rights organisation

London – United Kingdom

SANAD human rights organisation learnt with great sadness and regret news of the death of Sheikh Dr. Musa Muhammad Al-Qarni in the prisons of the Saudi regime early last week.

SANAD received shocking information about the real causes of his death and the way the Dhahban prison administration dealt with his body, may God have mercy on him.

SANAD learnt that the death of Dr. Musa Al-Qarni was on Saturday 9th October, but the authorities hid the news of his death from his family and relatives until the morning of Tuesday 12th October 2021. The authorities prevented his family from receiving his body until he reached the Prophet’s Mosque, where he was prayed over and buried, without allowing any of his family and loved ones to see his body.

It was then confirmed SANAD thereafter that the real cause of his death was due to being severely beaten in prison in the face and head, which resulted in severe injuries that led to his death, according to the medical reports that SANAD received a copy of.

SANAD human rights organisation expresses its deep regret for the way in which human rights activist Dr. Musa Al-Qarni was killed. It calls on international human rights and legal organisations and bodies to continue the pressure on the Saudi regime by allowing the entry of independent international committees to uncover the human rights violations inside Saudi prisons and to stop the comprehensive campaign of the slow, deliberate killing methods that are practiced by the Saudi government against prisoners of conscience to wipe them out. It is also needed to ensure an independent investigation is conducted into the circumstances of the death of Dr. Musa Al-Qarni.

The organisation calls on the international community to fulfil its real human rights responsibilities, stop arbitrary detention, and protect the rights of male and female detainees because of their human rights and political activities in Saudi Arabia.

The organisation stresses that the dubious international silence about these heinous violations practiced by the Saudi regime against its opponents will encourage more violations and crimes from this bloody, tyrannical regime.

SANAD human rights organisation

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