Repression of activists threatens the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia

Activists in the country are suffering from the bitterness of repression and restrictions imposed by the State against them, which restricts freedoms and affects human rights.

Expressions of opinion, human rights activism, reform or relief activities have became a crime punishable by law, according to the whims of decision-makers in the state.

Among the most prominent practices that the authority pursues against activists are surveillance, restrictions, extortion, and prevention of expressing opinions, as well as restrictions imposed on some of them. 

Because of the repression and harassment of activists, some of them resort to secrecy and proceed with caution in their activities, by resorting to fake names to express their opinion on social media platforms.

The government ignores the deterioration of the human rights situation in the country. The restrictions and repression it is exercising against activists is a violation of international laws and treaties, and it is a source of threat tha may cause the collapse of human rights.

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