Amnesty International: Releases Report on Leaked Saudi Penal Code Draft

Amnesty International: Releases Report on Leaked Saudi Penal Code Draft

Amnesty International revealed in a new report, titled “Manifesto for Repression,” significant flaws in the leaked draft of the Saudi penal code, asserting that it fails to meet international human rights standards. The organization highlighted that the draft legalizes existing repressive practices and dispels any illusions of progress and reform promoted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Amnesty International stated that the draft law criminalizes many fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, thought, and religion. It does not protect the right to peaceful assembly nor does it offer adequate protection for women and girls from violence. The report also noted that the project lacks transparency, having been prepared secretly without the involvement of civil society or independent experts in its review. The Saudi authorities have not officially published the draft, but it was leaked online in July 2022.

In the same context, Amnesty International called on the Saudi authorities to revise the penal code draft in line with international human rights standards and to engage in open dialogue with civil society and independent experts to ensure the enactment of a fair law that respects the rights of all members of society.

Concurrently with the release of the “Manifesto for Repression” report, Amnesty International launched a global campaign demanding the release of individuals unjustly imprisoned or sentenced to death on the basis of exercising their right to freedom of expression.

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