The end of Hazam Al-Ahmari’s sentence, will he be released?

The end of Hazam Al-Ahmari's sentence, will he be released?

With the arrival of February 2024, the sentence of Hazam Al-Ahmari, who was arrested in 2020 and sentenced to 4 years in prison, has ended.

 Al-Ahmari was arrested due to a video in which he expressed his opinion about the activities of the Entertainment Authority, which the Saudi authorities deemed a “crime” deserving a 4-year imprisonment. Hazam Al-Ahmari’s case exemplifies the severe injustice the Saudi government inflicts on its citizens, where he was arrested for expressing his opinion and sentenced without regard for basic legal procedures.

The Saudi authorities should immediately and unconditionally release Al-Ahmari and halt the series of violations against citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia.

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